When God Answers Prayers

when God answers prayers sermon

When God answers prayers, there are things that happen (signs that show you He has answered your prayers.

  1. He sends a man. Exo 3:9-10, Matt. 1:23. You must be careful to know when a man comes to you as an answer to your prayers. Stick to the assignment and don’t get entangled with the man that God has sent to answer your prayers. In other words, when God sends you a helper, avoid sexual entanglements. Judges 13:5, Judges 16:30.
  2. He sends you away from some people. The fear of uncertainty discourages people from getting separated. It’s your commitment that makes it work, and not always the people association. Don’t be afraid when God separates you from people. Acts 13:2-3, Judg 7:2-3, Gen 12:1-2
  3. He gives you ideas. He gives you ideas to work on so that you can better your life. Ex. 14:15-16, Lk 5:4-5.
[Sunday 19th May 2024 1st Service]

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