Building Capacity

Building Capacity

You have to learn how to build capacity as a Christian. God wants you to grow, enlarge, increase, extend, and be better. He wants you to have a global mindset. The talents He gave you are for global impact.

See Lk 19:13, 1 Chron 4:10, Gen. 12:1-3

Global blessings begin when you have made up your mind in prayer and faith to begin on that part. You can start small but you have to aim bigger and higher. It will save you from lying and deceptions. See Job 8:7 and Gen. 26:12-14

When you start building capacity, this will happen!

  1. You will be envied. Gen 26:14
  2. People will be astonished, will ask questions about your background, and will be offended. Matt. 13:54
  3. God comes at the center. Ps 24:1, Jn 15:5

You should also do this

  1. Withdraw from some people and places. Lk 6:12, Mk 4:2, Acts 13:2
[Sunday 12th May 2024 2nd Service]

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