When God Answers Prayers Pt 2

when God answers prayers sermon

Here is a continuation of the sermon “when God answers prayers“. and these are the things He does.

  1. He creates a situation/condition. This can be a chaotic, economic, health, or comfortable condition. What you see in a situation matters. See Ex. 3:19-20, 1 Kgs 19:11-12. Jn 9:2, Jer 1:11-12
  2. He expects you to act faith. You should believe, stand, and confess the work. Faith dares the impossible, believes the irrational, favors the spiritual, and overlooks the physical. See Josh 3:15-16, Mt 9:20-21, Dan 3:17-18
  3. He provokes. God provokes things. Gen. 22:13-14, 2 Kgs 7:1
  4. He sends an angel. Angels are powerful beings that don’t fail on their assignments. They encourage, empower, direct, uplift, etc. See Judges 6:12-14, Exo 23:20-21, Rev. 22:16, Jn 5:1-4, Dan 10:12-13, Gen 22:15-18

[2nd Service Sunday 19th May 2024]

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