Asset Not Liability

Asset Not Liability

Assets and liabilities are opposites. An asset is something valuable that brings returns on investment while a liability doesn’t bring returns on investments. Children are God’s gifts to us and they can become assets and not liabilities if you do the right thing.

How can you make children assets?

  1. Train them. You can train them verbally or practically.
    See Prov. 22:6
  2. Love them. Matt. 7:9-10, Jn 15:10
  3. Rebuke them. Prov 23:13, Prov 29:15, Prov 27:5, Prov 22:15
  4. Pray for them. Matt 19:13, 2 Kgs 4:18-20, Matt. 15:22, Matt 8:5-6, Lk 22:31-32
[Sunday 26th May 2024 Combined Service]

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