The Ministry of Silence

sermon about silence

Silence is powerful and golden. And if you understand it’s importance and benefits, you can use it to your advantage. Here are some important things to know about silence.

  1. It helps you in exercising your faith. Someone on physical exercise doesn’t talk. In the same way, someone who exercises his faith in Christ allows his faith to speak. 2 Cor 4:13, Isa 28:16.
  2. It raises/places you above debts. One of the free commodities we have in life is our words. It’s the cheapest and also the costliest. You can buy happiness with it and you call also sell with it. You can also buy your freedom with it, and you can also get condemnation with it. With words, you can place your entire generation and life in spiritual debts and your efforts will be used to service it. Gen. 9:24-25, Gen. 16:2, Gen 17:18-22
  3. You progress while others talk. You leave people to do the talking while you are progressing. Prov. 17:28.
  4. It comes with hope. Prov. 29:20, 2 Sam 9:1-3

When do you need to be silent?

  1. As the spirit leads. Rom. 8:1-2
  2. When there’s no need to talk. Eccl. 3:1
  3. When it comes to mocking others. Prov. 9:12, 19:29
  4. When ignorance speaks. prov. 26:4-5

1st Service Sunday 21st April 2024

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