The Bigger Picture

sermon about seeing the bigger picture

If you pick a gold when it’s not yet refined, you will be tempted to throw it away because you will think it’s ordinary stone and because it looks dirty and unattractive. When you don’t see the bigger picture, you’ll not achieve anything.

Eccl. 11:4, Gal 6:7

What happens if you don’t see/have the bigger picture?

  1. You will be confused. God’s message may come with the bigger picture or the smaller one. And you may begin to say, this is not what the Lord showed me. Sometimes
    1 Sam 29:8-9, 11 Sam 30:1-6.
  2. You get disappointed. Matt. 14:28-31. When you take a step of faith, be ready to win the thoughts in you that says “have you seen anything?”. In all these, remember that God cannot lie. Num 23:19
  3. You may turn back. Saul turned to the witch of Endor. 1 Sam 28:6-7,19 and he died. But when David faced problems, he turned to God. 1 Sam 30:8-11. And he didn’t forget to help someone in need while pursuing his goals.
  4. You will be distracted and pursue irrelevances.
  5. You will work without end.

Sunday 21st April 2024 2nd Service.

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