Building To Last

Building To Last

In all that you do, you must strive to build to last – why should you build something that will crumble/crash soon? That’s not a good plan! See 1 Cor 3:10-11.

Here are some actionable steps that you can take if you want to build to last.

  1. Apply/do the Word of God daily. (Stick to the plan). When you hear the Word of God and don’t do it, you will certainly remain where you are. See James 1:22, Mt 7:24-25
  2. Hire Professionals. You should know that it’s not everyone that can fit in to do certain tasks. Hence, you must hire the best professionals to carry out such tasks. Lk 9:57-62
  3. Avoid iniquity (Don’t do substandard). Building your life and destiny with unholy living is like constructing a house with substandard materials. Ps 101:7
  4. Count your cost. Sit down and plan your life accordingly. If you need to move to a lower house, good. If it’s leaving your social clubs, better. You must analyze the cost of building your life and destiny and ensure that you have what you need.

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