The Mind of Humility

The Mind of Humility

Phil 2:5

Humility is God’s nature, and this is evident in the following verses.

2 Cor 6:16; Eze 37:27; Lev. 26:11; John 1:14

Why does God resist the proud?

  1. A proud man is capable of many evils.
  2. A proud man is arrogant, a liar, a cheat, and accuses falsely.
  3. A proud man does one evil to cover another.
  4. He can do anything for respect and attention.

Why does God give grace to the humble?

James 4:6

  1. Exhibits all the fruits of the Spirit.
  2. He’s self-controlled, doesn’t get angry easily, and he doesn’t boast.
  3. His anger is constructive and short-lived.

Psalm 86:15
Ps 103:8
Number 14:18

Humility doesn’t quarrel nor fight but it holds unto the truth. In humility, the following happens

  1. You don’t force people to buy your opinion.
  2. You don’t consider yourself as the best. Instead, you consider others better than you. Phil 2:3
  3. Good compliments earn you respect and love.
  4. Appreciating others doesn’t make you inferior.
  5. Humility doesn’t compromise the truth.

2nd Service Sunday 3rd September 2023

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