Light Your Candle

light your candle sermon image

What is your candle/light? This refers to your good works, your faith, or your Christianity.

What does the bible say about it? Matt. 5:14-16

What is the world’s disposition about your light? John 3:19-21
What’s your response to them? Matt 5:11-12; Acts 5:29

Nobody will light your candle for you, you have to take the responsibility and light it yourself.

Judges 12:2-3
Luke 5:5-6

For your light to shine successfully, you must do everything by the word of God. Why? Heb. 4:12

The group you join and the people you follow determine if your light will shine.

Scribes: Matt. 23:23-24;28-30.

Disciples: Jn 8:12

Combined Service Sunday 27th Aug. 2023

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