Divided Loyalty

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What is divided loyalty? This simply refers to the act of being loyal to two things, persons, or authorities. When your loyalty is divided, it can cost you a lot in your life.

What does God say about it? Here are some important bible verses on divided loyalty,

1. Matt 6:23-24
Isa. 28:16
Matt. 4:10

What are the consequences of having divided loyalty?

  1. You’ll die an unnecessary death. 1 Sam. 28:6-7, 15-19
    Matt. 26:14-16, 24
    Lk 22:4-6
    Matt 27:5
  2. You will get yourself into trouble.
    Matt. 8:21-22
  3. You can lose your destiny.
  4. You can die another person’s death.
    1 Sam 31:1-2

Benefits of shunning divided loyalty

  1. You will be honored. 1 Sam 2:30; Prov. 27:18
  2. You will receive eternal life. Matt 19:29

1st Service 3rd September 2023

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