He Is A Loving Father

He Is A Loving Father

God is a loving father and He shows His love to us in many ways which you’ll learn in this sermon.

  1. He cares. God cares for you and the following bible verses attest to this. John 15:16, Ps 55:22, Matt. 11:28, isa 54:10
  2. He delivers. Isa 49:24-25, Ps 33:19, Prov 24:16, Jn 8:11 You may have to demand for deliverance. See. Psalm 50:14-15
  3. He hears. God hears you when you call. See Jn 9:31, Isa 65:24, Acts 2:21, Rom. 10:13, 1 Jn 5:14
  4. He protects/supports. God protects and supports because it’s His nature to do so. He is a just God and he hates injustice. He also provides, fights for, heals, and blesses. See Isa 40:29, Isa 43:2-3, Isa 65:21.

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