Covering The Nakedness Of Life

covering the nakedness of life sermon

Even though we came into the world naked, the nakedness of our life is meant to be covered until the time when we’re called home by our maker. Here are some of the things that cover our nakedness in life.

  1. Wisdom. Wisdom is a defense. And it’s the principal thing. See Eccl. 7:12, Prov. 4:7. If you don’t have wisdom, ask. James 1:5, Lk 12:20.
  2. Salvation. Acts 16: 31, Eph 6:17, Col. 1:13-14
  3. Money. Its a defense. Eccl. 7:12, 1 Tim 6:10, Mk 12:17, 1 Tim 6:6
  4. Men. Happy is the man whose quiver is full of them. Psalm 127:4-5. Prov. 11:14, Deut. 33:6. You can raise men by touching lives. Luke 6:13

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