The Tree of Perfection

the tree of perfection sermon

In the Bible, we see some verses where humans are likened to a tree (Dan 4:10-12). And as a tree, they ought to attain a certain level of perfection. Why is it that some trees have shades and leaves but no fruit? While others have fruits that are not sweet or without branches?

The qualities a tree that is perfect should have, includes being strong, good height, branches spread, leaves fair, fruits, gives food, gives shade, and has a branch for birds to perch on. God calls us to be perfect and complete and God and the society expects you to play a part in building the society. See Jn 15:16, Mk 11:13-14

What happens to a tree that doesn’t meet the requirements?

  1. It’s cut down. Matt. 3:10, Dan 4:14
  2. It’s cursed. Mk 11:14
  3. A stump is left. Dan 4:15

Sunday 10th March 2024 [2nd Service]

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