Blood Operations

Blood Operations

In several instances in the Bible, we see how powerful blood is. This is a clear indication that blood operations are powerful. In Lev. 17:14, the bible highlights that there is life in the blood. Also, Gen 9:6 shows talks about whoever that shall shed blood.

Blood operations can be used to do the following

  1. They are used to curse. Numbers 23:13-14
  2. They can also be used to deliver from a curse. Gal 3:13-14
  3. To hold down someone or a people. 2 Kgs 3:27
  4. To free a captive. Eph 1:7
  5. To testify against people. Gen. 4:10-11
  6. In favor of people. Heb 12:24, Rev 12:11
  7. To make one a victim of idols. Lk 13:1-6
  8. To exempt one from being a victim. Exo 12:13
  9. For cleansing. Lev 12:8, Lk 2:22

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