A Field Unattended To

sermon on a field unattended to

When you leave a field unattended, a lot of things begin to happen. The Bible says in Prov. 29:15 that a child left to himself will bring shame to the mother. So you must not leave your field abandoned. See Heb. 13:5.

Who are the fields? A child, yourself, your business, your marriage, etc.

How can a child be left to himself?

  1. When you don’t correct them. Prov. 22:15
  2. When you don’t pray for them.
  3. When you don’t teach/train them. Prov. 22:6


  1. Sleep can cause you to abandon your field. Matt. 13:24-25. Prov. 24:33, Prov. 20:13
  2. Turning to evil can cause you to leave your field unattended. Prov. 14:34, Ps.34:21, Isa 31:1
  3. Overlooking your spiritual life. Rom. 8:6

What happens when a field is left unattended to?

  1. Weeds overgrow crops (Wickedness or enemies prevails).
  2. Crops/seed underproduce. (efforts don’t yield well – “vain efforts”)
  3. Weeds and seeds will be in a prolonged battle.
  4. Harvest is hampered by snakes/wild animals which can take it.
[1st Service Sunday 12th May 2024]

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