Your Identity

your identity sermon

What’s your identity?

This question can mean the following.

1. How are you?

When someone asks you how are you, you typically reply with I’m fine. However, this isn’t always the case because sometimes, you may not be fine and may need to reply with the current state of things in your life. For instance, if you need help, you can reply, I’m not fine – I need help.

1 Chron 5:1; Prov. 30:11-14; Matt. 15:22-28; Matt. 3:7

Your identity involves debts, carryovers, and hangovers from ungodly parents and unholy foundations. Ex. 20;5

Sometimes, the identity you carry can be for God’s glory.

2. What is your name?

When someone asks for your identity, it’s expected that you tell the person your name. You can also say the name you operate with. See the following verses.

1 Chron 4.9, 1 Sam 17:45, Isa 9:6, Gen. 35:18, Rev. 22:3-5, Rev. 21:12-14, Eze 48:31-34

Another thing you should note is that the name which you do something matters.

Matt. 18:20, Rom. 10:13, Prov. 18:10, Phil. 2:10-11

3. Your story.

When someone asks about your identity, your story can give them an idea of where you’re coming from and who you are.

Matt. 2:2

Sunday 24th September 2023 Combined Service

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