The Fruits Of Your Labour

The Fruits Of Your Labour Sermon Rev Dr Isaiah Orjiakor

You will reap the fruits of your labour. Why is it important that this will happen?

  1. It is the will of God.
    3 Jn 2, Ps 126:5-6, Gal 6:7, Gen 26:12
  2. It’s an ordinance/law.
    Gen. 8:22

Other things you need to know about the fruits of your labour and the rules that guide it.

  1. It requires patience. James 5:7
  2. It requires guidance. Matt. 13:25-29. You should make it a duty to oversee and watch over your labour. Don’t abandon it.
  3. You don’t labour alone. You should understand that you will need to work with other labourers for a bountiful harvest.
    Matt. 13:27, Matt. 9:37-38
  4. There’s a Lord of the harvest. You need the Lord of the harvest to be able to reap the fruits of the harvest.
    Matt. 9:38

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