Why Do Unbelievers Prosper?

why do unbelievers prosper

Jer. 12:1 KJV.
Habb. 1:13 KJV.
Psalm 73:12-14 KJV

This is a question that Christians and even non-believers have asked over the years. In this sermon, you’ll find out that there’s no direct answer as to why unbelievers prosper. However, you’ll also learn that though they prosper, there’s an end for them. See Ps. 73:17 KJV

Until you come up to the sanctuary, you’ll not know their secrets and you may not match nor topple them. What is a sanctuary? A sanctuary is a

  1. Cut off place from the rest of the land. In your daily activities, have the mindset that you’re a mobile sanctuary and a mobile altar, separated from the rest of the people.
    Jer. 51:5-8 KJV.
    1 Jn 2:15 KJV.
    Jas. 4:4 KJV.
  2. Sacred place. Even the wicked don’t eat everything just to champion their wickedness. Not everyone should enter into you.
    1 Pet. 1:15-16 KJV.
  3. Lines of stones. These represents spirits, covenants, and institutions. Even Christians have covenant of prosperity, life, fruitfulness. The wicked get into many of these in the dark places.
    1 Pet. 2:5 KJV.
  4. Dedicated to a god. You must belong to a way and not ways. Don’t hate what you like and don’t talk ill against what blesses you or play smart on your source.
    Job 5:12 KJV.
    1 Cor. 1:26-28 KJV.
  5. Sacrifices.
    1 Pet. 2:15 KJV.
    Ps. 50:5 KJV.

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