What You Choose To Do

What You Choose To Do

Whatever you choose to do, do it now and do it quickly! Here are some bible verses to support this.

Ecc. 9:10 KJV.
Jn 13:22 KJV.
Jn 9:4 KJV.
Esther 4:16 KJV.
2 Kings 3:26-27 KJV.

Why is it important to do what you choose to do immediately?

  1. The days are evil. Eph. 5:16 KJV.
  2. So that you’ll be in command. 1 Chron 12:32 KJV.
  3. God is looking for such a man. Eze. 22:30 KJV.
  4. God said we are gods. Ps. 82:5-6 KJV.
    Jn 10:34 KJV.

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