You and Yours

you and yours
You and Yours – 1st Service

Self-discovery begins with the fact that you are responsible for your actions and inactions. God sees and deals with us as individuals, not as a group. Everything about you is not hidden, it’s not a secret because God sees and knows all. And somebody somewhere knows or sees something about you.

Who you are begins from your heart, therefore, when you tolerate iniquity, it means your heart accepts it.

Here are some things to know about yourself.

  1. You didn’t form yourself, God did. So, you cannot be smarter than your maker. A TV cannot be smarter than its producer.
    Jer. 1:5 KJV.
  2. What you say and think counts. Your thoughts and actions may be pure or corrupt.
    Prov. 4:23 KJV.
    Prov. 23:7 KJV.
  3. Every single thing you do affects your whole life, if not today, tomorrow.
    Eccl. 12:14 KJV.
  4. God has given you everything pertaining to life.
    2 Pet. 1:3 KJV.
  5. You are given for service to one master or another.
    Matt. 6:24 KJV.
    Josh 24:15 KJV.
    2 Tim. 2:19 KJV.
    Matt 3:10 KJV.

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