Warning Against Idol Worship

warning against idol worship

Many people engage in idol worship without knowing they are actually worshipping idols.

What is an idol? It refers to any person, object, or activity you give a higher priority over your relationship with God. It’s an image or material object representing a deity or spirit to which religious worship is made. Any person or thing regarded with undue admiration, adoration, and devotion. Whatever that replaces the one true God in your life is an idol!

People engage in idolatry in

  1. Self. Dan. 4:29-32
  2. Money. 1 Tim. 6:10, 8-9
  3. Immorality. 2 Pet 2:4-7
  4. Gluttony. Heb. 12:16

2nd Service 3rd Mar 2024

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