The Veil

the veil

How does the veil come upon a man?

  1. When Moses is read. This kind of veil comes from breaking the law. (Sin and guilt).
    2. Cor 3:15-16 KJV.
  2. Cast over all people. This is a general type of veiling that is cast over the people, over families, and nationally. It leaves by mountain/temple ministration.
    Zech 1:18-21 KJV.
  3. Charismatic covering. This is the veil of the temple. The set of evil people who also go to church and are familiar. This kind of covering goes by crying to heaven.
    Ps. 55:12-14 KJV.
    Mt. 13:27 KJV.
  4. Unknown covering from unknown sources. This kind of covering can be removed as a burden.
    Matt. 11:28 KJV.
    Ps. 55:22 KJV.
    Isa. 59:9-10 KJV.
    Ps. 82:5 KJV.

When there’s a veil covering a man, this is what will happen to the person.

  1. You can only hear but not see.
  2. You will not be recognized.
  3. The veil will slow you down.
  4. It will lead to a waste of energy.
  5. Loss of direction.

May God remove the veils that cover you in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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