The Useful Youth

the useful youth

Youths are useful and so is the youthful stage of life. But not many understand this. In this sermon, you’ll find practical tips on how to become a useful youth.

Ecc. 11:9 KJV.
Ecc. 12:1 KJV.

How to be useful

  1. Live according to the word of God. When you start to live according to the word of God, you’ll become useful. This is highlighted in the following verses. You should know this – the word of God doesn’t change standards because you’re a youth.
    Ps. 119:9 KJV.
    James 1:22-23 KJV.
    Joshua 1:8 KJV.
  2. Be courageous. As a youth, you must be courageous. Until you summon up enough courage, your usefulness will not be evident to others.
    Joshua 1:9 KJV.
    Dan. 3:16 KJV.
  3. Have integrity. You must learn to keep to your word and standards as a youth. Know this – God shows himself upright to the upright.
    Jn. 1:47,50 KJV.
    1 Pt. 3:10-11 KJV.
    2 Sam. 22:26-27 KJV.
  4. Don’t be overtaken by a fault/blemish. To become useful, you must be without blemishes/faults. You must be teachable, and be ready to discomfort yourself to get rid of any faults that you have.
    Dan/ 1:4 KJV.
    Prov. 4:7 KJV.

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