The Purpose of Sacrifice

The Purpose of Sacrifice

Sacrifice is an act of giving what you have/cherish in other to get something else. Sacrifice started in the garden of Eden in Gen 3:17 when God had to slay an animal and use its skin to make clothing for Adam and Eve to cover their nakedness. Your money and your sweat are part of sacrifices.

One thing you should know about sacrifice is that prayer cannot take the place of sacrifice. 2 Kings 3:27

See Gen. 4:3, Gen. 8:22, and Eccl 11:1

Nature of Sacrifice

  1. Good sacrifice.
  2. Bad sacrifice

Why is sacrifice important?

  1. It helps you to secure.
  2. To become productive. Gen. 18:1
  3. To prosper. Luke 5:5
  4. To help you ascend to a new level. 1 Kings 3:3, Heb 12:1

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