The Need for Power

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Power is important and it is classified into different areas, including political, technical, skillful, sexual, economic, and spiritual power.

What does the Bible say about God and power?

One of the key bible verses where the Bible talks about God and power is Psalm 62:11, where it clearly says that “all power belongs to God”.

Ps. 62:11
Exo 3:19-20
Acts 1:4,8

Christianity and Godliness doesn’t render a person useless and vulnerable to manipulation and victimization. That you are a Christian does not leave you defenseless and a victim of attacks. You can resist attempts on you and wield power over the enemies of your life.

Were there Bible heroes who wielded power? How did they wield power?

Acts 1:8 highlights that the Holy Ghost brings power but you manifest the power through the following channels; PRAYER, OBEDIENCE, EVANGELISM, and SERVICE/DISCIPLESHIP

  1. Elijah wielded power. See 1 Kgs 17:1, 1 Kgs 18:8, 1 Kgs 18:17-18. 1 Kgs 17:24
    How did he wield power? By PRAYER.
    We see in James 5:17 that he prayed earnestly.
  2. Moses wielded power. Ex. 7:8
    How did he wield power? By OBEDIENCE. He obeyed the God’s calling “Come now, I will send you unto Pharaoh.
  3. The Apostles wielded power. Acts 3:6-8, Acts 5:15-16, Acts 20:9-10, Acts 19:6, Mark 16:20
    How did they wield power? By EVANGELISM.
  4. Elisha wielded power. 1 Kgs 2:9-13
    How did he wield power? By DISCIPLESHIP.
    Acts 4:13
    John 14:12
    Luke 10:19

1st Service Sunday 13th August 2023

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