The Fish And The Water

the fish and the water sermon img

One of the important things you already know about a fish is that it’s natural environment is water. When it leaves that natural environment, it may never survive the exit. Some fishes can breathe out of water, but they’ll not last long on the ground unless they get back to the water in due season. Man’s relationship with God can be likened to the fish and water relationship.

In this sermon, Rev. (Dr) Isaiah Orjiakor teaches us about the relationship between man and God and how it’s important for man not to leave the environment of the presence of God. It’s in this environment that he’ll find protection and all that he needs to go through life easily.

See these bible verses – John 15:5, 1 Sam 2:9, Jer. 17:6, Psalm 121:1, John 3:8, Matthew 6:13, James 1:13

1st Service Sunday 12/2/2024

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