Springs of Living Water

springs of living water image

Jn. 7:38

As a Christian, you are made to be a living water that does the following.

  1. Quenches thirst/Drinking. Water can remedy hunger and quench thirst. Although you didn’t provide his need, you remedied the situation.
    Matt. 25:34; Mk 9:41
  2. Washing/Cleansing. There should be a change process for good in the life of someone that comes in contact with you from the moment you both come in contact.
    2 Kgs 5:10,14; Jn 9:7
  3. Quenches fire/Solution to all manner of troubles. As a Christian, we are called to respond to all situations. Anyone that encounters you should be relieved of their challenges.

Your nature as a living water

  1. Progressive. You’re not stagnant.
  2. You are calm. You are not noisy.
  3. You flow. You don’t jump.
  4. You are cool on others. You are not hot.

2nd Service Sunday 20/8/2023

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