Significant Exchange

Significant Exchange

Isaiah 43:3-4 KJV.

To possess anything you love or cherish or anything precious in your eyes, you must present a ransom for it; a gift exchange. In destiny, exchange and ransom is possible.

John 3:16 KJV.
Matt. 16:26 KJV.
Isa 53:5 KJV.

Approach of Exchanges

Matt. 7:7 KJV.

  1. Ask. To beg, to plead to have, to cry out of frustration and affliction.
    Matt. 15:22-28 KJV.
    Mk 9:17-24 KJV.
  2. Seek. This exchange on a healthy state can be described as the best approach though the outcome or result is not time-bound. No loss yet. It’s done out of love for the future. It’s also a voluntary act ahead of time. Stop thinking you’ll get anything for free nor with any peanuts.
    Lk. 19:1-10 KJV.
    Matt. 17:24-27 KJV.
  3. Knock. This is a forceful approach/exchange with everything readily available.
    2 Kings 3:26-27 KJV.
    Matt 16:26 KJV.

Exchanges Can Be

  1. Altered.
    Luke 22:31 KJV.
  2. Can be wrong.
    2 Kings 6:29 KJV.
  3. Can backfire.
    Matt. 27:3-5

1. Learn TO GIVE. Your level of ransom/exchange can determine how far you’ll go in life.

2. One important thing you need to do about exchanges is found in Luke 22:36.

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