Shadows In Darkness

Shadows In Darkness

There are some things that appear real when you look at them, but they do not exist in the true sense. A shadow is a dark area or shade produced by a body coming between light and a surface. The shadow cannot be produced until there is a source of light. The light placed on a body produces the shadow, therefore, the more the light of God on you, the more and the longer your shadow will be, and the longer your productivity will be.

Shadows come to you as a Christian in three ways;

  1. As a thoughts/imaginations. There are some things that when they come to your mind, if you give them your attention in thoughts, if you give them chance, they’ll begin to exist. Take for instance, when you send a kid to go and get something for you in a dark room. The kid starts calling out that he has seen something in the shape of whatever his imagination forms. When you go to the room and turn on the light, you’ll find out that there was nothing there in the first place, it was only the child’s imagination.

Find out the other ways shadows come to you.

Date: Sunday 17.1.2021 [2nd Service}

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