Make No Haste

Make No Haste

People make haste and run into problems. The bible encourages us not to make haste. Here are some things that happen when people make haste and the signs that you are making haste.

  1. When you make haste, you try to be faster than you should be.
  2. You’ll think there is a shortcut.
  3. You’ll want to achieve many things at a time against God’s order.
  4. You’ll think God is slow.
  5. You’ll apply other things while waiting on God. Your help comes from God – Psalm 121:1-2

What does God say about making haste?

One bible verse summarizes gives us God’s view about making haste. See Isa. 28:16.

What are some signs you’re making haste?

  1. When you’re heart is not in what you’re doing.
  2. You lack commitment.
  3. When you rely on your own understanding.
  4. When you start considering other alternatives.

Sunday 5th Nov 2023. 1st Service.

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