Judgment of The Lord

Judgment of The Lord

The judgment of the Lord can come upon people for several reasons including the following.

  1. According to the truth against them that commit evil and try to escape it.
    Rom. 2:2 KJV.
    Ps. 51:6 KJV.
    Jn 8:32 KJV.
  2. According to what you’ve done.
    Gen. 4:7 KJV.
    Isa 40:10 KJV.
    Rev. 22:12 KJV.
  3. Without respect.
    Acts 10:34-35 KJV.
    Rom. 2:11 KJV.
    Matt 21:29-31 KJV.
  4. Against sinners. In judgment, people shall only save themselves by their own righteousness. Know that satan is afraid of God’s judgement.
    Rom. 2:3 KJV.
    Rom. 1:18 KJV.
    Rom. 2:6 KJV.
    Ez. 18:31-32 KJV.
    Ez. 14:14 KJV.
  5. As you are.
    Ps. 18:25-26 KJV.
    Mt. 5:7 KJV.

Date: 21-08-2022 1st Service

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