God’s Settlement

God's Settlement Divine Settlement image

God settles people, as long as you’ve served Him faithfully and done all that is required of you. In this sermon, we’ll find out the ways God settles people.

  1. God’s settlement comes as a blessing. Gen. 1:28
    Blessings come in different forms – to speak well of someone, to speak and invoke wellness over someone, and to celebrate and speak of someone in a special way!
  2. God’s settlement comes as a reward for obedience. Gen. 22:17-18, 1 Sam 15:22, Isaiah 1:19.
  3. It comes as a reward for service. Your first service to God is a physical service as seen in Rom. 12:1. With that in mind, see also 1 Sam 2:30
  4. It comes as a reward for giving. Luke 6:33, Prov. 23:26, Prov. 19:17, John 3:16

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