God’s Promise of Blessing

god's promise of blessings

God is a God that blesses people. He makes a promise and fulfils it, unlike man who makes a promise and doesn’t fulfil it. The blessings of God are innumerable and His children will enjoy these blessings. Here are a few things you should know about the blessings of God.

  1. It comes as an idea or wisdom.
    Ps. 51:6 KJV.
    Job. 35:10-11 KJV.
    James 1:12 KJV.
  2. The blessings of God doesn’t come at once. You have to develop it when it is given to you.
    Job 8: 7 KJV.
    Job 14:2 KJV.
    2 Cor 3:15 KJV.
    Gen 18:9 KJV.
  3. It comes when you believe. If you don’t believe, it won’t come to you.
    Rom. 4:3 KJV.
    Mark 9:23 KJV.
  4. It makes you rich. This includes rich in knowledge, wisdom, health, and understanding. The richness here isn’t limited to money alone.
    Deut. 8:18 KJV.

1st Service 15/1/2023.

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