Enough Is Enough

enough is enough sermon

You need to take a stand so that certain things that are happening in your life right now will stop. When you don’t take this stand, things will keep happening the way you don’t want. For enough is enough to work for you,

  1. You have to be strong and courageous. Josh 1:6, Eph 6:10
  2. Put on the whole armor of God. Eph 6:12-18
  3. Get wisdom. Prov. 24:16, Psalm 33:16, 1 Kings 5:3, 1 Kings 4:30, Prov. 4:7, James 1:5, Job 28:28
  4. Mobilize spiritual forces. Isa 59:19, Dan 12:1, Dan 10:12

1st Service Sunday 4th February 2024

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