Destiny & Talent

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Talent – In simple terms, talent is what you received from where you came from. It’s a natural ability to do something very well without struggle. You can also describe talent as a gift or special endowment from God

Gift – Gift refers to what you get out of your talent.

Destiny – Destiny is the path you’ve taken in showcasing your talent.

Note: One thing you should note is that spiritual gifts are received and talents are inherited, but the two can work together.

Also see Matt. 25:14-15 KJV.

Here are some things you should know about talents.

  1. It’s one’s star or identity. – Jer. 1:5 KJV
  2. It can be seen as early as possible. Mt. 2:1-2 KJV.
  3. It can be divided or distracted.
    1. By family members – Mk 3:31 -35 KJV. Matt. 10:37-39 KJV.
    2. By hardship – Lk 5:5-6 KJV.
    3. By colleagues – 1 Kgs 13:8-9 KJV. 1 Kgs 13:18-19 KJV. 1 Kgs 13:23-24 KJV. Deut. 28:1 KJV.
    4. By strangers – Judges 14:3 KJV. 1 Kgs 11:1-3 KJV. Prov. 22:29 KJV. Prov. 31:3-5 KJV. Ps 18:45 KJV.

Sunday 6th August 2023 1st Service

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