Avoiding Human Carelessness

avoiding human carelessness

There are places you should never go to, no matter who calls you. Careless talks take away your honor and glory. Everything that a man says, counts. You were given a mouth to create your world. It was because of careless talks that Esau lost his birthright first, then with the food.

Gen 49:4 KJV
Judges 4:8 KJV
Gen 25:29 KJV
James 1:19 KJV
Prov 17:28 KJV

You shouldn’t tell everyone everything. In Judges 16:16-17, the bible showed how Delilah pressed Samson daily with her words until he told her all his heart. And this led to his death.

What You Should Know About Human Carelessness

  1. When you start telling people everything, then your downfall begins.
    Judges 16:19 KJV.
  2. When they make you sleep on your knees (when you exchange prayer for pleasure), you’re in for a fall.
    Luke 18:1 KJV.
    Judges 14:3 KJV
  3. When you start loving the wrong people. Solomon with all his love for God got careless with his love life and his lovers turned his heart away.
    1 Kings 3:3 KJV.

God’s Spirit will guard you always, even if you’re going the wrong way. But hearkening to his instructions will enable you to go the right way.

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